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Usher’s Confessions is still on Billboard Top 200 Albums!

March 12, 2010

“the industry is  in a recession,but I’m still spending from Confessions,homie thats why I aint stressin, these yungun really need to learn a lesson,can’t doubt me, you won’t out me, wouldn’t even have a style without me,uh uh ya, I can see behind the smiles,wasn’t rocking with me then don’t be jocking me now” sang R&B King Usher in the street single “In My Bag”.

Although ridiculous comparisons to struggling mixtape artists  & other publicity stunt  , Usher Raymond got the numbers for him.

The album which was released six years ago,is #198 and was #196 a few weeks ago and 1 monh ago the album peacked  @163 a month ago.

Congrats to Usher for having a CLASSIC TIMELESS ALBUM.

Explications en français à la fin de l’article.

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  1. Mike Makau permalink
    August 27, 2010 7:27 pm

    Usher prayed his confessions,now he is doing his penance,let’s welcome the brother back.Thumbs up Mr.Raymond,you just wrote history,and that is some MJ stuff right over there.Yeah man!


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