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Nicki Minaj talks with MTV about Usher’s Lil Freak “Saw” inspired

March 17, 2010

Nicki Minaj qui est en featuring sur le futur tube Lil Freak a donné quelques indices sur le clip à MTV:UsherRaymondBlog

“Le clip est dingue” raconte Nicki Minaj à MTV News :“Et il y a tout un concept, toute une histoire” .UsherRaymondBlog

“On se croirait dans une suite de “Saw”.”C’était super”.UsherRaymondBlog

Dans le film Saw le personnage principal plutôt que de punir ses victimes en les tuant directement leur donne des challenges à relever…en écoutant les paroles de “Lil Freak” il est facile d’imaginer les similarités entre le film et la chanson…

Usher is single again and on the prowl, and the swaggering singer is on the hunt in his next video. According Nicki Minaj, Usher’s “Lil Freak” clip should help put him back in the spotlight with the ladies.

“The video is freaky,” Nicki, who delivers a guest rap on the track, told MTV News. “And it’s a great concept, a great story line.” The Young Money femcee described the premise as being similar to the “Saw” movies.

“It felt just like one of the sequels to ‘Saw,’ ” she said. “It was dope.”

In those flicks, the main character, rather than punish his victims by death, gives them a number of challenges — a quick listen to “Lil Freak,” where Usher sings about ladies going out to find other ladies for him, and you’ll see understand the similarities.

The clip will be the second video from the singer’s upcoming Raymond V. Raymond, his sixth studio album, due March 30.

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