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Everybody Loves Raymond….Vs Raymond…Even Michelle Obama!

April 23, 2010

Michelle Obama a recemment confié qu’elle écoutait ses dernier temps le nouvel abum d’Usher!Wow!

“Michelle Obama spent almost an hour fielding questions from the children of White House employees as part of Take Your Child To Work Day on Thursday, where she touched on what she likes about being first lady, her favorite music, and how often the first family uses their movie theater (which apparently can’t play 3-D movies). (…)

When asked what kind of music she likes she said “All right, so this is what’s in my iPod….I love Stevie Wonder….I’ve got some Michael Jackson. But I’ve got some Rihanna, I’ve got some Beyonce — I love Beyonce. (Laughter.) Oh, yeah, I love some Beyonce. I’ve got some new Usher on my CD. I’m trying to relate the things that are on there that you could connect with. Sting, anyone? Sting? (Laughter.) No? What’s so funny? (Laughter.)”

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