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Usher Talks Summertime Ball in London, Cheryl Cole and Collaboration With Rihanna

June 5, 2010

“You got to understand, this is history – that’s what I do. Thanks guys for making me No.1 in 2010”

We know everyone is incredibly excited to have an artist of the stature of Usher to open the party of the summer. Trust us when we say you do not want to be late getting into Wembley on Sunday as Usher will not be waiting for anyone!

Capital’s showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes (follow Kevin on Twitter for breaking showbiz news @popprince) caught up with Usher to find out more.

But amazingly, the Summertime Ball won’t be the only show that the Atlanta star will perform at on Sunday. As soon as Usher leaves the stage, he’ll get a police escort to Heathrow where a private jet will be waiting to fly him to New York, to perform at their Summertime Jam event. Usher told us on Friday “this is about making history man and I love my fans. I didn’t want to leave them hanging so I decided to do both shows and I didn’t want to miss playing at one of the greatest shows in the UK, Capital FM’s Summertime Ball. So I’ll hit it and start it, jump on a plane and hit it and quit it there!”

Explications en français à la fin

Will Usher get a chance to say hello to Cheryl Cole on the big day?  “Everyone seems for us to want to meet, so it would be good. Who knows there may be potential for working in the future as I know and he’s a fan of her talent and I’m definitely up for great collaborations…so through our meet and greets backstage it’s our chance to show respect for our artistic craft but also there’s the potential of doing work together.”

What about Usher, Cheryl and on one track? “ Hey, let’s get Will on and hopefully Cheryl won’t have an issue with it..”

The OMG star also revealed to me that he’s been talking to Rihanna about a potential duet; “ and Rihanna have been speaking about doing something so that may happen in the future.”

But what about the artist who seems to be taking the world by storm, Justin Bieber. Has Usher given Bieber any advice about dealing with the London ladies on Sunday? “I tell him, listen, don’t get too serious too soon man as there’s a lot of them out there”. How is Justin handling his worldwide fame? “He’s handling it and he’s still enjoying and he’s still able to enjoy being a teenager in the middle of all it”.

So the message is simple – make sure you get to Wembley on time otherwise you’ll miss seeing one of the biggest stars on planet Earth performing an incredible array of hits!


Usher explique à quel point il est content de faire deux concert dans la même journée dimanche prochain.Il souhaiterai collaborer avec Cheryl Cole puisque tout le monde en Angleterre semble le vouloir.Il compte sur leur ami en commun Will I Am pour cela. Il a également mentionné le fait qu’il avait discuté  avec Rihanna d’une collaboration dans un futur proche. Enfin il parle de Justin Bieber. Mais là encore, rien de très interessant.

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