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Interview:Usher grows up

June 7, 2010

BEFORE his performance on the Britain’s Got Talent live final last night, legendary playboy USHER invited me to his hotel suite to tell me about how his life has changed recently.

In an eXSlusive interview he revealed: “Within the last two to three years people began to see a new Usher. I grew up, got married and had children. I decided to take control of my life.”

But now that he’s divorced, he’s back on the scene… and Britain’s girls have caught his eye. He said: “It’s hard to create relationships, but dating is very easy for me, especially as a single man. Though finding a perfect mate is trial and error.

Explications en français à la fin en cliquant sur “Read More”

“I’ve seen some beautiful women in England. I’ve seen some nice legs and pretty lips. They do a great job of enticing by throwing hair and batting eyes.”UsherRaymondBlog

Usher also revealed plans to duet with the very brilliant (but very troubled) AMY WINEHOUSE. He told me: “I have spoken about working with her. It’s artists like her who never conform who I’m very interested in. I listen to her voice and I’m mesmerised.”


“Durant ces 3 dernières années, les gens ont commencé à découvrir un nouvel Usher.J’ai grandit,je me suis marié et j’ai eu des enfants.
J’ai décidé de prendre le contrôle de ma vie.”

Il explique qu’il est difficile pour lui de créer une véritable relation avec une femme, même s’il a des rendez-vous.

Il explique également à quel point il trouve les femmes anglaises très belles,notamment leurs jambes et leurs lèvres.

Enfin il dit qu’il serait interessé par un duo avec Amy Winehouse.

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